About Waaneiza Worldwide Trading

The International Trading Companies Connecting Myanmar and International Markets

Waaneiza Global Trade Companies’ Mission is to make sourcing the most valued products form Myanmar and then to supply international markets. And sourcing the most valued products from international suppliers and then to supply & distribute in Myanmar market.

According to its Mission, the Group of Companies started the Whole Myanmar Logistics & Marketing Scheme in 2015 planned to established 27 Strategic Commercial Companies within 2019 at strategic location in the entire country of Myanmar.

At present, the Group operate with 3 International Trading Companies & 19 local Sourcing, Distribution & Trading Companies nearly in the entire Myanmar.

Waaneiza Global Trade Group of Companies inherited trading Mission from the mother Company Mandalay Shweyi in 2012.

In 2018, the Group is developing Digital Marketing, Selling & Distribution Platforms to make more effective and efficient ways to create the products and services more valuable for our stakeholders.

After using the Digital Tools, the Group will extend the range of products to other Food & Beverages, Supplements & Medicines by focusing on stakeholders’ needs, wants & demands to make more value added benefits.